S-litter, 15 of January 2013

Puppies were born on 15th of  January 2013, 6 females and 4 males.

1. Scarlett, black and tan, female


2.  Scott,    black and tan, male


3.  Sirius,   black and tan, male


4.  Stian,  black and tan, male











5. Stella,  black and tan, female













6. Sharma,  black and tan , female












7. Spectra,    black and tan , female











8. Sheila,      black and tan  , female












9. Shaun,         black and tan , male











10. Smilla,     black and tan, female


Father: Aybias Bono /Nemo/ – FIN 29093/08 ; N 11347/07 Mother: Polarfact Prima Donna Mia Cara /Cara/ – EST-01284/10
Aku pilt Olli pilt
Born on 28.04.2007
Joints: A/B  0/0
Eyes: healthy
Show grade: excellent, SQ

Born on 29.03.2010
Joints: A/A 0/0
Eyes: healthy
Show grade: excellent, CAC 3x
Working cert.:  OB1


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