Breed information

FCI group 2; subgroup 2.2; KC Working Group

History of the breed

Hovawart, yard guardian in translation, is an old German breed. German barons were using and breeding it as reliable guard dog, guardian of herd, castles and farms. Hovawart is a very old type of dog. Kurt Konig played a very important role in breeding it to modern breed. He decided to restore that breed, based on old drawings and descriptions. After World War I he looked up the dogs in Germany, who had a resemblance to these descriptions and crossbreeded them with German Sheperds, Hungarian Kuvaszis, Newfoundland dogs, Leonbergers,Bern’s mountain dogs and African hound dogs. First litter was registered in 1922 in Germany. Hovawarts are very common in Germany and in Finland, they are also found elsewhere in Europe, America and Russia. For now, 2021, there are 14 litters born in Estonia and some dogs have been brought in from Finland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, Slovakia and Russia.

Character of breed.

Number of Hovawarts has been growing in the last few years. Breed’s versatility may be the cause of that. It’s a great watchdog and protector, but also a restless playmate and friend of a family. Hovawart is a big, strong and fast dog with good breed qualities. It’s an intelligent familydog, who is fond of every family member and shows respect for pets. It suites well for familys with kids, if the kids don’t tease the dog. Hovawart is independent and could get dominant, hence it needs training. It can be used as tracedog, rescue dog, guardian and for defensive purposes.

Breed standards.

Hovawart is strong, medium-sized service dog with a bit oval body. Height from scruff is 63-70 cm on dogs and 58-65 cm on bitches. Hovawart has a strong head, wide forehead, transition from forehead to snout is clearly noticeable. Strong snout goes thinner from head to nose. Lips are tightly sealed. Teeth are strong and straight.

About Hovawart in 3.02.13. TV program “Sõber koer” (middle section).